Hundreds Attend Memorial Service for David McDonnall

( [email protected] ) Mar 24, 2004 10:28 AM EST

LAMAR, Colo.—Several hundred friends, family members and colleagues of the martyred missionary David McDonnall attended the memorial service held in his memory, at First Baptist Church in Lamar, Colorado, on March 20.

Attnendees included David's father Bruce McDonnall, the executive vice president of the International Mission Board Clyde Meador and David’s home-church pastor Dennis Bradley.

Bradley, who according to the Baptist Press shed tears throughout the service, compared McDonnall’s death to that of first-century martyr Stephen.

"You and I know that David died as a martyr," he said. "Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints. We have trouble understanding that, because death in our sight is not precious. It is difficult. It is hard. My prayer for us today is for the Holy Spirit of God to help us see things from His perspective."

Clyde Meador agreed that David’s death was that of a martyr.

“It is the blood of the martyrs that grows the Kingdom of God,” said Meador. "It was David's desire to be his Lord's ambassador, to take the love of Jesus to other people and that's what he was doing in Mosul last Monday. He was taking the love of Jesus and demonstrating the love of Jesus to people who otherwise might never know.”

Others in attendance watched as McDonnall’s family presented Bulletin Boards, pictures and videos depicting David in service.

One of the videos was of David and his wife Carrie, explaining thier call to service.

"We both strongly feel that God has called us to go to these people, knowing that the love of God and the power of Christ can change any heart, can break through any bond -- and can turn people from violence into carrying the Word of God and piercing the hearts of people, not with bullets, but with the Word of God,” David said in the clip.

David McDonnall was among four other humanitarian workers, including Carrie, whom were attacked by unknown terrorists while serving in Iraq, March 15. David died the next day while being rushed to a hospital in Baghdad; three other workers – Larry and Jean Elliot and Karen Watson, were killed instantly. Carrie, the lone survivor of the attack, is in stable condition in a hospital in Dallas.

In memory of Karen Watson, there will be a service held at the Valley Baptist Church in Bakersfield, Calif. on Wednesday, March 24.

A memorial service for Larry and Jean Elliott has been scheduled for March 25 at the First Baptist Church in Cary, N.C.