Q & A with Rev. Raymond Kwong

( [email protected] ) May 22, 2004 02:47 PM EDT

Since the May 17th date when Massachusetts began granting same-sex marriage licenses to same-sex couples, debates, rallies and news coverage has been springing up on a renewed fervor nationwide.

The dialogue on same-sex marriages has not only been a frequent visitor to the steps of Capitol Hill but has also pervaded high schools as well.

As one can expect, a Christian perspective is almost always offered.

Rev. Raymond Kwong, chairman of San Francisco Bay Area Christians for Traditional Marriage, which organized the April 25th rally against same-sex marriage in San Francisco, attended a debate at Lowell High School in San Francisco on May 22 and even took the podium to speak to the audience.

Following the debate, The Christian Post was able to speak to Rev. Kwong who shared his motivation behind fighting same-sex marriages.

Highlights of the interview is presented in a Q&A format below:

Can you give me your comments on same-sex marriage?

The homosexuals have an agenda but people don’t see it. First, they want same-sex marriage then it’s polygamy, incest, and prostitution. The agenda is clear. They have never denied it.

It would effectively destroy what we would know of as marriage. If you redefine it once, you can redefine it again and again. It’s called expension.

It’s still a worry beacus they are asking for special rights. Society does not have a responsibility to grant special rights—extra freedom. I call it a counterfeit marriage.

Why is the institution of a marriage between a man and woman so important?

Marriage is a long-term commitment with the ability to procreate. Many same-sex marriages last an average of 2-3 years.

God created man and women bodies to be complementary to each other. They (homosexuals) are violating the laws of God, nature, logics, and ethics.

There is polarity, where opposites are attracted. You can force and force it and but then there’s tension. When you let it go, it becomes unglued.

There is a survey that 40% gay men have had 500 gay partners and lesbians have had thousands of partners. There is no long-term commitment. Same-sex marriage denies children the right to have mothers and fathers.

Homosexuals have also argued that is their “right” to marry but can mankind define rights without God?

If mankind tries to define rights without God then they would demand weird rights. No, I don’t think man can define rights without God. There needs to be a moral compass. If there is no moral absolute then many would be groping in the darkness.

How would you explain the issue of same-sex marriages in a spiritual context?

It’s an attack on the institutions of morality by Satan. God created three institutions: the family—Genesis 1, the government—Genesis 9, and the church. He’s (Satan) is trying to destroy God’s design. It’s a spiritual battle.

What is the role of the Christian community in the same-sex marriage debate?

I think the key is pastors and churches—not politicians. They must teach the congregation the correct worldview.

We have been so effectively neutralized. Pastors think they can’t talk about it because same-sex marriage is a political issue. They must be the salt and the light.

It has been reported that 90% of Christians have not turned a single person to Christ. The problem is that we are not confessing and winning souls to Christ. If we were saving and winning souls to Christ, then most likely they would not turn out to be homosexuals.

We can do all these things but if we fail to be missionaries and be bold, then it’s useless. We must first, preach and save. Second, we must be the salt and the light.

Why did you show up today at this debate?

I’m here because I want to prevent High Schools from going from bad to worse. It makes me really sad. I’m here being the salt and the light.