Pope Urges EU to "Rediscover its Christian Roots"

( [email protected] ) Aug 06, 2004 09:29 PM EDT

On August 6, Pope John Paul II once again urged the European Union to ‘rediscover its Christian roots.’ John Paul’s message, which was delivered before some 3,500 pilgrims and worshipers at his summer residence in Castelgandolfo, Italy, came shortly before his visit to Lourdes France – one of the handful of countries that adamantly opposed the inclusion of a reference to God in the EU’s newly formed constitution.

During his short speech, the pope recalled a message he had given 15 years ago in Santiago de Compostela in northwestern Spain.

“Allow the light of Christ, together with your ideals, your work and your prayer, to illuminate Europe's path toward renewed faith and hope,” the Pope said.