Televised Christian Broadcasting for Iranians Receiving Positive Response

After forming a partnership in April of this year, the Sammy Tippit Ministries, International Antioch Ministries, and the Iranian Christian Church of San Jose, Calif. have been ministering to multitud
( [email protected] ) Aug 11, 2004 06:44 PM EDT

A partnership of three Christian ministries has received rave reviews from its’ viewers as it shares the Gospel with Iranian people throughout the world through televised broadcasting. Since April, International Antioch Ministries, and the Iranian Christian Church of San Jose, Calif., and the Sammy Tippit Ministries have ministered to multitudes of people inside Iran through a weekly-televised broadcast every Tuesday evening (Iranian time).

International Antioch Ministries (IAM), which offers ten hours of programming each week throughout the Islamic Republic of Iran, recently held a special live-broadcast Saturday evening of Texas-based evangelist Sammy Tippit as part of an eight-part series of broadcasts to be televised in Iran. According to Tippit, the response was “incredible.”

During the live-broadcast, which was picked up Sunday Morning in Iran, lines were opened for people to call and personally speak during the broadcast. The ministries reported that half the calls came from Iranians in the United States and half were from Iran. Even after the two-hour program had concluded, people continued to call.

“One of the great side blessings was to hear from the people inside and outside Iran about how God is using our Tuesday broadcast into the country,” commented Tippit. “So many people told us that they are watching the broadcast every week. Some said they are taping each program and distributing them to other people.”

Tippit, who leads the ministry formerly known as God’s Love in Action, partnered with IAM in April to present his preaching and programs over IAM’s Iranian Christian Television (ICTV) one hour each week, translated into the Iranian language, Farsi.

IAM, headquartered in San Jose, California, has been involved in planting churches, training Iranian-speaking Christian leaders for ministry, developing Iranian language evangelistic and discipleship materials and providing humanitarian support to Iranians worldwide. Its California-based church plant, The Iranian Christian Church, has the largest affiliated Iranian Christian membership outside of Tehran, Iran. In February of 2004, the Christian Broadcasting Network’s The 700 Club featured the church as “America’s Church of the Week”.

In commenting on the nation of Iran, Tippit commented, “God is doing something very special in the country. Iranians are hungry to know God. Many are coming to know Jesus. This is an exciting moment for Iran and the Iranian people.”

The STM team will be in San Jose to film four more broadcasts to produce its eight broadcasts to be televised into Iran.