Cantonese Christian Celebrity Gigi Lai Quits Entertainment Industry for Sake of Love

Oct 24, 2008 04:57 AM EDT

After working in the entertainment circle for the last 23 years, Hong Kong Celebrity Gigi Lai announced on Monday her decision to quit the entertainment industry, which attracted the media’s spotlight. Upon quitting, she will work in her younger brother’s dermatology clinic, managing the business.

In a television interview, Lai revealed that the major reason for her leaving the entertainment circle is because of her sick brother. She said that his smile is more than important than anything else.

Her brother Lai Ng suffered severe injuries from a car accident last year, and is now in the hospital receiving treatments; others need to carry him to go on and off the bed, and his speech and movement have not yet recovered.

Lai said that she has already thought about quitting the entertainment industry long before the accident happened; she hoped to begin a new life in being a normal person with a regular life. She said that she will spent more time with her family and take care of the family because it is the greatest blessing to eat together with the family.

According to media reports, because of much work left in the advertising contracts, her departure will cause TVB to lose millions of dollars, but TVB’s CEO Stephan C.W. Chan expressed his support towards Lai’s decision.

Accident Brought Unexpected Understanding of Truth of Faith

Lai used to be a materialist and an opportunist, but after her brother got into the accident her outlook on life completely changed. She realized that nothing remains the same. Through this experience, she came to know about the God of eternity that gives her comfort at all times.

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While being interviewed, Lai said that my brother’s incident let me realize that everything has an end, nothing stays the same, it only gets better or worse.

After the accident happened, she said that many Christians appeared like angels to give her the much needed support, “some friends were originally just acquaintances, which allow me to feel the love in this world.”

This world can be very practical, but this incident allowed me to see the existence of love, said Lai.