Chinese-Produced Gospel Movie ‘’Quick Fix’’ Selected at International Christian Film Festival

Sep 09, 2010 12:33 PM EDT
Selected from over 300 movies a sequel of a chinese produced gospel movie Quick Fix was nominated to be shown to general public at the Phoenix International Christian Film Festival held from August 23 28  <br/>Emmanuel Resource Service
Selected from over 300 movies, a sequel of a chinese-produced gospel movie ''Quick Fix'' was nominated to be shown to general public at the Phoenix International Christian Film Festival held from August 23-28. Emmanuel Resource Service

An entirely Chinese-produced gospel movie was shown in the Phoenix International Christian Film Festival. Standing out from more than 300 movies, it had the honor to receive nomination selected to show to the general public, a testimony of God’s works among the Chinese community in the United States.

The selected gospel film “David and Ken” is a sequel of “Quick Fix”, produced by Emmanuel Resource Service, co-produced by the U.S. Chinese Christian mission and sponsored by Herald Restaurant Gospel Ministries. In the film, two Chinese-American pathological gamblers share their experiences of falling into deep gambling addiction, and God’s leading them along into repentance and turning over a new leaf. On one hand, it serves as a warning and encouragement, and on the other hand, it brings glory to our God.

In fact, mah-jong, poker, lottery, horse racing, gambling and even “wrestling” in the casino are common and popular entertainments among the Chinese community. In the Chinese circle, there are many problems with pathological gamblers, particularly in the low-income class. The direct English translation of the movie’s title reads “Overcoming Addiction”, which refers to the triumph over not only gambling addictions, but also drug addiction, indulgence in pornography, the Internet or video games and so on. The movie brings out the message that no victory in Christ is possible without our total dependence on God, and therefore provides the way out for the people and their families disturbed by pathological gambling.

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On September 7 last year, as the International Herald Caring Ministry Fundraising Dinner was being held at Cupertino Dynasty Restaurant, “Quick Fix” was screened for the first time. It took two years of time to produce it. 1,000 copies of the first version were published in early September last year. Throughout the year, the film received excellent response in the Chinese churches, and has been successively played in many gospel meetings in many cities throughout United States. After watching the film, a lot of people decided to accept salvation. Therefore, this film has become a very effective evangelism tool, and it deserves the most to be nominated in the Phoenix International Christian Film Festival.

The production unit, Emmanuel Resource Service, is thankful to share the good news through all Chinese churches. Thanks to the support from all Chinese church pastors, preachers and brothers and sisters in Christ.

“Quick Fix” is divided into four parts. Part One: “Peter and Quan” and Part Two: “David and Ken” tell of the real stories of four pathological gamblers and the tragic lives of four families across the seas. Another two parts of additional information include: the speech “Understanding Gambling Addiction” delivered by Dr. Agnes Liu, the president of Jubilee Ministries, and the discussion “Gambling Rehabilitation and Gospel: How does church serve gamblers and their families?” by Rev. Ru Fat Siu, the reputed “Gambling Priest” of Hong Kong Kei Yam Alliance Church.

In order to spread the gospel better, “Quick Fix” has Mandarin, Cantonese, and Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English, Spanish subtitles. For further information, please contact Emmanuel Resource Service by phone at 707-228-5607 or browse their website at