Ray Comfort's ‘Evolution vs. God’ Movie Released, Atheist Claims He Was Misrepresented

Jul 13, 2013 11:14 AM EDT
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Evolution Vs. God website

University of Minnesota Morris professor Paul Zachary Myers claims that he was misrepresented in Ray Comfort’s new movie “Evolution vs. God: Shaking the Foundations of Faith.” Myers, who had only seen the movie trailer when he made his accusation, mocked the movie’s claim to have “held his feet to the fire until it was clear that there was no evidence for evolution.”

Ray Comfort is the founder and CEO of Living Waters Publications, a ministry that desires to reach the lost and to equip Christians for “every necessary resource to fulfill the great commission.” He is an author of more than 70 books, and co-hosts television show "The Way of the Master” with Kirk Cameron.

Comfort's website crashed due to heavy demands after the movie was made available for download on Tuesday.

"It began slowly and built to over 1,000 people. That's a huge amount of people to be downloading an entire movie, and it proved to be too much for our site," Comfort told TheBlaze about the demand for the 38-minute film. "It crashed."

New Zealand-born evangelist and Christian author Comfort, 63, has released several influential films and documentaries in the past, including 180—a 2011 movie about abortion that has received several million views.

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In his film on evolution, Comfort travels to several universities to speak with evolution professors about the lack of evidence for macro-evolution. Myers, an atheist, believes that his interview was selectively edited and that he was misrepresented in the film’s trailer.

Comfort maintains that he fairly represented the professor in the film, and that while the trailer for the movie was only a short clip of the interview, Myers is given more talking time than most people in the film. He said that much of the professor’s interview was very relevant, and that it would have shown a lack of integrity if he had misrepresented Myers in the movie.

The evolutionary scientists who appear in “Evolution vs. God” include Peter Nonacs, professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at UCLA, Craig Stanford, professor of Biological Sciences and Anthropology at USC, PZ Myers, associate professor of Biology at University of Minnesota Morris, and Gail E. Kennedy, associate professor of Anthropology at UCLA.

“As you will see on Evolution vs. God,” Comfort told Christian News Network last month, “not one of the experts could give me a whisper of evidence for Darwinian evolution. The movie is going to shatter the faith of the average believer in evolution, and strengthen the faith of every Christian.”

Many believers who have seen the film give it high acclaim - well-known Christian author Randy Alcorn says that “every student and every parent should watch it.” The movie trailer proclaims, “If you believe in evolution, prepare to have your faith shaken.” The movie is currently available for download, and will be released on DVD in August.