Fuller Theological Seminary Psychiatrist Alvin Dueck Visited Guangzhou Churches

Apr 18, 2009 05:14 AM EDT

In a report released on China Guangdong Union Theological Seminary’s website, influential U.S. based Fuller Theological Seminary psychiatrist Alvin Dueck and his doctorate students, consisting of a total of 11 people, visited the Guangdong Province TSPM/CCC, Guangzhou City TSPM/CCC and Guangdong Union Theological Seminary.

Dr. Alvin Dueck is a clinical psychology doctor at Stanford University, professor at Fuller Theological Seminary in United States, experienced family therapist and clinical instructor, and he was ranked as the fourth top family therapist in the United States. He has researched deeply in the aspects of conversation between theology and psychology, the application of religious faith in the process of healing, health of church members, and etc.

He once served as the director of researches on the spiritual experiences of Christians, Muslims, and Jews. Since 1984, he served as the advisors for multiple international mission ministries and actively participated in the mental health treatment and services in China, Africa, and Guatemala. In recent years, he has been serving as the key speaker for the continuous training courses for Chinese-American family therapists that was founded by Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

This visit was because of the invitation from Guangdong Union Theological Seminary and also the first time that Alvin Dueck visited churches and seminaries in Guangdong. The team of visitors engaged in deep exchanges with the local co-workers on the courses of pastoral psychological counseling; at Guangdon Union Theological Seminary, Dueck professor and the staffs held a special topic seminar and discussion on the “Importance of Pastoral Care” and “Suicide Prevention” with the seminary’s professors and students.

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Since its inception in 1986, Guangdong Union Theological Seminary has moved twice and now has built a new campus consisting of 27 acres. It is currently the largest seminary in southern part of China.