Canadian Leadership and the Bible

Jun 04, 2012 06:47 AM EDT

Toronto, Ontario – June 1, 2012: A survey commissioned prior to Easter 2012 by the Montreal-based Association for Canadian Studies revealed that only 42 percent of those polled agreed with the statement “religion is an important part of my life”. The sad truth is that as our national and global leaders have diminished the role of faith in their own lives, they have influenced the citizens they serve to do likewise. This, of course, does not make them poor leaders – most are men and women of integrity. It simply means they haven’t discovered or encountered the truths of God’s Word in a way that has impacted their lives.

Recently, in an effort to share the Good News with a key group of Canadian leaders, members of the legislature at the New Brunswick Legislative Assembly were each given a bilingual copy of the world’s best-selling book. Making the donations were representatives of the Canadian Bible Society (CBS) including Reverend Ted Seres, CBS national director; Shirley Giberson, governor of CBS for New Brunswick; Reverend Doug Hapeman, CBS president for New Brunswick; and Reverend Dr. Lorne Freake, CBS director for Atlantic Canada.

Reverend Seres commented, “Canada was founded on biblical principles and, as a result, we have been blessed to become an increasingly important player on the world stage”. It is the prayer of everyone at CBS that the truths of Scripture will dramatically transform the hearts and minds of our leaders and that they will become powerful witnesses to the certainty of building one’s life upon the solid rock of Jesus Christ.

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