“Linsanity” Jeremy Lin’s Taiwan Evangelistic Rally Reaches Two Million [Video]

Sep 06, 2012 12:50 PM EDT

Taiwanese-American basketball player Jeremy Lin preaches the gospel at “Night of Miracle” evangelistic event this past Sunday at the Xinzhuang auditorium in New Taipei, Taiwan.

According to Taiwan-based evangelical ministry Good TV Broadcasting Corporation, over 700 churches in Taiwan participated and collaborated in simultaneously broadcasting the event.

Jeremy Lin’s evangelistic rally held on September 2nd has become a major feat in the history of Taiwan gospel evangelism rallies, according to Taiwan's news media. Over two million people from around the world tuned in and countless number of people placed their faith in Jesus Christ.

While “Linsanity” is the focus of the media and the public, Lin addressed the seven thousand gathered at the auditorium and the millions tuned in over internet and satellite broadcast speaking mostly about the Lord Jesus Christ and the greatness of God, but little about himself. His expectation in this event is for the attention to not be on him, but through his testimony people can come to see Jesus.

The outstanding result in the numbers of listeners and viewers reached has inspired the church leaders in Taiwan of the importance to continue to improve in the ministry of spreading the gospel messages.

Besides the unprecedented reach of this event, the unanimous participation and support of the roughly seven hundred churches in Taiwan was another example of church unity and collaborative service. Moreover, many popular Christian celebrities performed during the event to create further hype.

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Lin’s message and the overall event could have remained only within the confines of the auditorium that seats roughly seven thousand people, but the effective use of the internet broadcasting and satellite broadcast technology, millions around the world were able to tune in to the event at the comfort of their own homes.

Yet another realization is that if a lay believer like Jeremy Lin can be used by God to become an influential evangelist, then Christians in all professional fields should strive to become an influential figure in their own respective fields to witness for the Lord.

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