Love is His Joy, Won’t Let Career Destroy His Marriage, Says Nick Vujicic in China

Dec 21, 2012 07:53 AM EST

Limbless Australian motivational speaker Nick Vujicic spoke to tens of thousands of Chinese at the “Global Entrepreneur Central Plain Dialogue” conference, which targeted entrepreneurs and working professionals, at Zhengzhou, Henan Province, from December 9th-10th. Vujicic engaged in a dialogue with China Network Television (CNTV) host.

Vujicic shared the priorities in his life, and said that the source of his strength comes from faith, family, and friends.

CNTV host asked Vujicic that everyone has family, friends, and careers to manage, but how can you balance them? Vujicic said that it is impossible to find the perfect balance. Referring to himself as example, he didn’t have too many responsibilities prior to meeting his wife and was able to pursue his grand dreams. Yet, all of these changed after gaining a partner in life, because his wife gave him a reason to slow down his footsteps, which allowed him to see the transformation in his life.

The 30 year old limbless speaker said that when you find true love, a person who is willing to love you and spent the rest of his life with you, I take pleasure in that joy of spending time who her. However, I still wish to connect with the entire world. I still want to touch the entire world. Then, what do you do?

Vujicic expressed gratitude to be able to live in 2012, when technology such as Yoku and social media allows him to not just speak before 20,000 people, but also have 40,000 people watching through the internet broadcast. He said that we must make good use of this kind of technology.

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Another very important thing is the ability to say no. Each year, Vujicic receives around 30,000 invitations, and he is someone who would say yes to everything. If he doesn’t reserve time for himself and his wife and put it into his schedule and think that I can wait and see, then in reality whatever he doesn’t schedule for today, it will not happen tomorrow.

Someone asked Vujicic a very important question: how can you be joyful? His answer is that he has found a balance in his life. To me, balance means ‘not working for two days in a week’. This is my goal. I feel that balance and rest, especially physical rest, are very important.

Vujicic said that he must schedule time to rest. He knows that it is very difficult, so how is he able to achieve that? He said that he definitely won’t exhaust all of his energy. He cannot damage his marriage. If this means that he must postpone his career for five to ten years, then he would rather postpone than end up with a broken marriage and broken heart.

“I am speaking from my experience. What you just said may sound very easy, but it isn’t the case when you start doing it. I believe that the most boring words in life are discipline and rules, since nobody likes rules. However, often time rules are very important.”

Two years ago, Vujicic said, that he experienced a period of total exhaustion. He was at the lowest point in his life. He not only had a problem in cash flow, but also a problem in will. All of a sudden, he couldn’t trust in his ability to make decisions. For three consecutive months, he wasn’t able to do anything. Health, mentality, emotions, and spirituality are all areas that you must take very good care of.

The host asked Vujicic how was he able to maintain such kind of attitude? Vujicic answered that it is not only because he likes challenges, but it is also because he has a heart of gratitude that allows him to maintain an active and optimistic attitude. He said that he likes to think about new things. He said he can never reach the top and must always pursue after perfection, which is a life-long journey.

Vujicic said that he prays daily to receive more strength. He knows that he cannot depend on himself, so he values his friends, family, and faith. Although it may sound unimportant that he doesn’t take each day for granted, he had several near-death experiences. In 2008, the hotel where he stayed at during a speaking tour to 20 countries was bombed by terrorists. When he turned on the television, he saw that the hotel was on fire and that they were killing foreigners.

Vujicic has taken over 900 flights. Each time after the plane landed, he would be filled with gratitude, because there was several times that the plane almost crashed; same with driving, there were multiple times that the car almost collided, which may be even closer to death.

“I want to say that we shouldn’t take today for granted. In my mission, I am thankful. Because I know that there is someone among you who needed to hear me speak. Never give up. If today I can bring about a change in that person’s life, then life is well worth it.”

Vujicic is married to Kanae Miyahara, and they are expecting a baby boy in February 2013.