Jeremy Lin Rejects Temptations, Leaves Deep Impression in Female Clubber

Jan 09, 2013 05:04 AM EST
NBA sensation Jeremy Lin attends a news conference during his Taipei tour in downtown Taipei  <br/>Pichi Chuang Reuters
NBA sensation Jeremy Lin attends a news conference during his Taipei tour in downtown Taipei. Pichi Chuang / Reuters

Houston Rocket’s Jeremy Lin and his teammates recently appeared at a night club, and it was reported that Lin kept a distance and maintained his composure as a gentlemen when some female fans tried to get close to him, according to Taiwan’s news media.

A female customer of the club said that Lin’s composure and appearance as a gentleman left a really deep impression in her. She said that she got to spend some time with Lin and his teammates, because her brother is a friend of Rocket’s Chandler Parsons. Although some other female clubbers got really close with Lin, he didn’t take advantage and kept a distance and maintained a gentlemen composure. Moreover, Lin turned down the offer from his teammates to go to a strip club.

Jeremy Lin, who grew up in city of Palo Alto, made headlines and was solely responsible for the wave of Linsanity that stirred the whole world last year when he led the New York Knicks in a series of wins, which led to a turnaround of an 8-15 team that had lost 11 of its last 13 games.

While Lin was still playing for Golden State Warriors, he was invited to give a testimony at River of Life Christian Church. In his testimony, he said that it is not easy to be Christian on the courts, since today’s world of basketball makes you really different. The things that are valued by the society are not necessarily in line with what God values. He felt that the most important attitude of a Christian basketball player is humility.

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“Society focuses so much on individual stats and wins and losses. To a certain extent, you can control those things. But to play for God means to leave the records and the statistics up to Him and give your best effort and allow God to figure out whether you win or lose, whether you play or shoot the ball well that game. So I just try to make sure that I work hard and in a godly way. I prepare myself as well as I can, and at every point during the game I try to submit myself to God and let Him use me,” he said, “and if we really understand the gospel, we will be humble. We should be humble, and understand that everything that is good comes from God.”