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  • Billy Graham with Bible

    Billy Graham: 'Heart’s Deceit Remains World’s Biggest Problem'

    When evangelist Rev. Billy Graham recently was asked what he thought was the biggest problem of today's world, he had three words: "the human heart." Then he explained the Bible puts it bluntly and he quoted Jeremiah 17:9, which states "The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it?"
  • Billy Graham praying

    Billy Graham: Outlawing Prayers in Public Schools Cannot 'Banish God From Hearts'

    Rev. Billy Graham said while he doesn't believe prayer will return to public schools since it was barred five decades ago, he reminds there are other ways students can communicate with God throughout their school day. "When I was young, we used to pray and read the Bible in school every day, but my grandchildren aren't able to experience this, and it upsets me a great deal," stated the 97-year-old evangelist.
  • Mercy Chefs

    Louisiana Flood Victims, First Responders Fed 7,500 Meals Daily by Faith Group 'Mercy Chefs'

    Mercy Chefs, a Virginia-based nonprofit and faith-based disaster relief organization on Sunday deployed their team of professional chefs and volunteers, along with their mobile kitchens and refrigerated trailer, to feed thousands in the Baton Rouge, La., region, while residents seek to recover from record-setting flooding. Mercy Chefs' team members are now on-site in the disaster zone, starting to serve 7,500 restaurant-quality meals daily for victims, first responders and volunteers.
  • Lucy Chelton

    Food Network 'Chopped Junior': Pastor’s Daughter Wins, Shares $10K Cooking Prize With Non-Profit

    Lucy Chelton, a nine-year-old United Methodist Church cook from Sellersville, Pa., won Food Network's "Chopped Junior" children's television cooking show with an appetizer called rattlesnake nuggets with sweet-lime Hollandaise sauce, along with preparing a few other dishes. Chelton's parents are on the ministry staff of Christ UMC in Lansdale, Pa. She shared part of her $10,000 prize with FISH (Fellowship in Serving Humanity), a Pennridge area program that provides food, clothing, school supplies and other needs to low-income families with children.
  • Rev. Tony Evans

    Christians Should Put Faith above Race, Culture, Says Texas Rev. Tony Evans

    Rev. Tony Evans, pastor of the 10,000-member Oak Cliff Bible Church in Dallas, Texas, on Sunday delivered a biblically inspired sermon entitled "Race, Culture and Christ" that has been viewed on YouTube nearly 160,000 times since then. He started with an appeal to God, saying people need Him today at a "level that is beyond the ordinary."
  • Together 2016

    Together 2016: Christians Flock to DC National Mall, 'Only Agenda is Jesus' Says Nick Hall

    Saturday's "Together 2016" prayer and music event in Washington, D.C., organized by evangelist Nick Hall, was aimed at attracting millennials, with the purpose of giving people an opportunity to "reset," or get a second chance. Although Hall, a college pastor and founder of PULSE, started planning the occasion several years ago, it ironically came at a time of violence across the world, a time during which Christians are seeking solace.
  • St. Basil's Cathedral

    U.S. Churches Vow to Not Leave Russia Even After New Law Makes Evangelizing Illegal

    Representatives of several U.S.-based religious denominations rooted in evangelizing and missionary work are choosing to defy the new "Yarovaya laws" laws in Russia that would ban them from proselytizing. The package of laws, billed as anti-terrorism measures, was passed by the Russian Duma, or parliament, on June 24 and signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin on July 7. Leading Russian human rights activists said authorities used an air disaster -- the October bombing of a Russian passenger jet -- as a pretext for an assault on basic freedoms, including religion.
  • TBC gathering

    Faith Leaders Guide Christians Against Injustice: 'Christ Have Mercy on Our Fallen World'

    While fear, angst and rage loom throughout Americans at the moment, many Christians don't know how to ultimately respond to the recent murders of LGBTQ community members in Florida, two African American men and 11 police officers. As Christians, some pastors say the answer should be simple: We stand against injustice, mourn with those who mourn, and love our neighbor as ourselves. All too often, people are silent when the values of unconditional love need to be spoken, reminds the TBC pastoral staff in California.
  • VMWare CEO Pat Gelsiniger

    VMWare CEO Pat Gelsinger Interview: Being a 'God-Glorifying' Technologist, and Transforming the Silicon Valley With Christ

    Many in Silicon Valley are prominent, but few are significant. Among the prominent technologists in the Bay Area, VMWare CEO Pat Gelsinger is one of the most outspoken Christian technologists on faith, chosing the route of significance. Before becoming the CEO of VMWare, a multi-billion dollar and leading software company in the world, he was the first Chief Technology Officer at Intel Corporation, where the first microprocessors were invented. If you've ever plugged a USB into your computer, used WIFI, you've used his technology.
  • Skillet

    Christian Rock Group, Skillet, Debuts New 'Feel Invincible' Music Video

    A "deep-rooted belief in God" fuels the force of Christian rock band Skillet's lead singer John Cooper. The four American rockers from Memphis, Tenn., released on Wednesday a new music video for their new song "Feel Invincible." The group's colossal, previous hit "Monster" sold 2 million copies.
  • Egypt Cave Church Monastery of Saint Simon

    Cave Church in Egypt Attracts 70,000 Christians Weekly To Worship Jesus

    A "Cave Church" in Egypt is one of the largest churches in the country, a place where 70,000-plus Christians gather every week to worship and praise Jesus -- a place that's home to one of the world's oldest Christian communities. The cave, also known as the Monastery of Saint Simon, is located in the Mokattam mountain in southeastern Cairo, in an area known as "garbage city" due to the large population of garbage collectors, or Zabbaleen, that live there.
  • God's Country Signs Hondo, Texas

    'God's Country' Signs Will Not Come Down in Texan Town, Vows Hondo Mayor

    Since 1932, two memorable signs that proclaimed "This Is God's Country - Please Don't Drive Through It Like Hell" greeted people traveling through Hondo, Texas. When Freedom From Religion Foundation representatives asked city officials to remove the signs, Mayor Jim Danner said Monday, "There's no way in hell we're going to take those signs down."
  • Jason's House

    Cancer-Battling Families Receive Free S.C. Trips from Surfside Methodist Group

    Families dealing with a cancer diagnosis have a chance to put their worries aside and enjoy each other through free trips to Myrtle Beach, S.C., thanks to volunteer efforts of Surfside United Methodist congregants. Children who benefit from this missionary endeavor called "Jason's House" are referred by 14 hospitals in South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia and Georgia. Approximately 50 to 65 families receive the trip each June, July and August. After 31 years, the value of the vacations this church community has provided totals more than $8 million.
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