South America Mission Report: Brazil

Dec 23, 2002 02:59 PM EST

Brazil-- New Tribes Mission's Joel and Gwen Hartman set high hopes in bringing the scriptures to the Yanomami Indians in their own native tongue. The Yanomami Indians who inhabit an isolated village on the border of Brazil and Columbia, number 250. Among them, 80 have been converted through the combined efforts of God, the missionaries, and the Indians.

"Missionaries have been working among the Yanomami Indians in our location for almost 40 years-and it's only in the last 10-15 years that we have actually been able to establish a church." Remarked Joel and Gwen Harman.

Facing the relatively successful missions trip, the two comment,"...for faithful leaders amongst the Yanomami Indians. For the translation of the word of God, which involves a lot of hours of work, a lot of steps. We need actually, specific wisdom from God, because it's a huge, huge job; a huge challenge."

By Paulina C.