Organization Encourages Young Christian Commitment to Evangelism

( [email protected] ) Sep 17, 2004 08:58 PM EDT

The founder of Operation Mobilization, George Verwer, was on the campus of Cornerstone University this week encouraging students in their walk with Christ. Although missions are not the first thing that young Christians think about today, there are still many that consider it.

"When I gave an invitation for people to pray that prayer -- we looked at Isaiah 6 -- here am I send me, a huge number of people stood to their feet and prayed that prayer. We did it as a generic challenge. It's not a prayer just to go to the mission field. It may be a prayer to be in marketplace ministry in Detroit," said Verwer.

During his stay, Verwer briefed on the Lordship of Christ, the crucified life, global missions, and many issues that Christians face today.

Despite the fact that younger people are now entering the mission fields and possibly will affect some parts of the outreach, some things will not change. "Planting churches, winning people for Christ, small Bible studies, that is going to continue. It might have better music. It might be different in certain ways. The Gospel is the same, it hasn't changed," Verwer said.

Verwer emphasizes the need to worship God, to live in fellowship with one another by walking in the light, and live a disciplined life of victory as forgiven, repentant, Cross-centered Christians.

George Verwer is the founder and former international Director of Operation Mobilization, an organization built upon evangelism, discipleship trainings and church planting. He is now living with his wife and three adult children in England, where the international headquarters of OM is currently located.