International Mission Report

Dec 30, 2002 02:46 PM EST

The maintenance of old planes is causing one missions agency to look toward new solutions and a bright future. JAARS' Arthur Lightbody explains that the change has been long in coming. He also shares why they're exploring a new technology. "We have to continually look for parts for the certain types of short take-off/landing airplanes that we have. Our primary concern is the high cost of AV-gas, the unavailability of AV-gas-there are many times the pilots have a difficult time getting from here to there." So, Lightbody says they're looking at replacing the AV-gas fueled planes with jet-fueled planes to assure that they will be able to continue the support of Bible translation worldwide. "The new technology will allow us to use jet fuel, which is readily available worldwide. There's a cost to it, but the lives of those people are priceless that we're bringing God's word to-to be able to do the same kinds of things we were able to do before, but able to keep doing it."

The Bible League reports that the downturn in the American economy and threat of war has created a significant shortfall in funding. As a result, the League was not able to fill a third of the requests made for Scriptures. Yet, in spite of the lack of materials, their work goes on. Over the last year, more than 350-thousand people trained to go out and share the message of salvation in Jesus Christ with their friends and neighbors.

By Albert H. Lee
[email protected]