Carrollton Minister Seeks God's Glory Through Paintings

Nov 12, 2002 03:00 AM EST

Paul Myhill primarily serves as the Director of Mission at a large church in Carrollton, Texas. Also, he is an artist, working mainly with acrylics on stretched canvas to produce Biblically themed paintings of vibrant colors and depth of meaning.

In August of this year, Myhill was asked to display some of his work in the sanctuary of his church, Bent Tree Bible Fellowship.

Three of his pieces sold before they even made it onto the walls. Four weeks later, Dallas' Biblical Arts Center called and arranged a three-month show for him in its Main Atrium gallery.

"I'm totally overwhelmed at the response," exclaims Myhill, "since then I have sold a dozen paintings, a feat I never imagined possible in such a short time."

He added that "the museum showing is just a wonderful

affirmation that I was to use this God-given gift to reach out and touch the hearts of more people through the art."

Myhill has a ministry purpose for the paintings. "I desire them to be catalysts for spiritual discussions and a point of reflection for worship," he said.

BTBF has enabled over 3,000 people per week to seek meaning in the paintings and connect with God in some manner through them. The Biblical Arts Center allows that to now happen for an even wider audience.

Painting is also a devotional experience for Myhill himself. "As I paint, I really count on God to give me inspiration and direction. I've never had formal training, so I truly rely on Him and give Him all the credit."

Before entering seminary four years ago, Myhill was a business consultant and entrepreneur.

His work can be viewed at a Web site under construction at Paul Myhill

By Albert H. Lee
[email protected]