Pastor Greg: the New Christian TV sitcom

Jan 27, 2003 11:46 AM EST

Six years ago actor, producer Greg Robbins wrote the pilot episode for the Christian sitcom Pastor Greg, and years passed by. Then in April of this year he felt God leading him to produce the series. The pilot episode was shot in four days and edited in eleven days.

Pastor Greg is the story of a new pastor and his church. Robbins said the show will prove to viewers that, "God has a sense of humor."

This month episode one of Pastor Greg aired on Faith TV. The sitcom is also attracting the attention of other Christian networks looking for dramatic programming. The only missing piece is financing.

According to Robbins, agreements to air the series are enough to serve as collateral for the approximately $750,000 needed to produce the first 13 episodes. Currently Robbins and business partner Ken Armstrong are working on raising the necessary funding.

Previous jobs acting in theater and producing commercials and the children's show Animal Action prepared Robbins for the sitcom. Robbins is senior partner in Uplifting Entertainment, an Oregon-based partnership, that will produce the series at Landmine Studios.

The cast: Marco Ycaza, Shelby Young, Greg Robbins (as Pastor Greg), Dave Daniels, Ralph Burgess.

By Albert H. Lee
[email protected]