Peggy Levitt, an Expert on Immigration and Cultural Globalization now Available for Commentary

Nov 27, 2002 11:29 AM EST

An associate professor from Wellesley College in Boston, MA, Peggy Levitt is an expert on immigration and the religious practices of both new and established immigrant groups. She offers perceptive, fresh commentary on the impact of immigrants on America and the homelands from which they come.

Ms. Levitt's work focuses on the long-term impact of immigrants connected to their countries of origin via churches rather than political groups. She can also speak about xenophobia in response to the U.S. "war against terror", transnationalism and the important contributions of immigrants on mainstream American society.

Levitt's book, The Transnational Villagers offers an account of how ordinary people keep feet in two worlds and create communities that span borders. Her current study, Comparative and Historical Perspectives on Transnational Migration, focuses on the role of religious institutions in enabling transnational membership. Details on her work, including a photograph and a quote, may be found at: Peggy Levitt.

Information on Ms. Levitt is available through the Religion & Culture: Meeting the Challenge of Pluralism Resource Guide, at Religion & Culture. This resource guide is a valuable tool for reporters who are seeking a wider range of sources on religion. Each expert is available and ready to discuss the role of theology in shaping our lives, culture and responses to problems. Each believes that at the bottom of every social issue is a religious connection.

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By Albert H. Lee
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