Chonda Pierce - <i>Four-Eyed Blonde</i>

Dec 05, 2002 02:31 PM EST

Chonda Pierce is running the risk of de-throning Mark Lowry as the current king of Christian comedy. Sorry, that would of course be queen.

From her self-proclaimed "weird sense of humor" to her signature phrase, "Isn't that precious?", Chonda Pierce is poised to become the world's top Christian comedian someday soon, if her new video is any indication. On her latest video, Four-Eyed Blonde, she bursts onto stage proclaiming the joys of being a modern woman in the age of Domino's Pizza. She channels Gallagher for an obviously-staged but no less hilarious cell-phone smashing, when one goes off in the audience. She pokes fun at the VeggieTales videos and that annoying "Hairbrush Song": "Would somebody get the guy a hairbrush, already, so we can move on?" Amen, sister.

There's something wonderfully candid and free-spirited about Chonda Pierce. Somewhat like Mark Lowry (who helped her get discovered, by the way), she tends to say whatever comes to mind. Case in point -- she talks about growing up as both a Southern preacher's kid and a middle child: "That's like a cross between a nun and a Las Vegas showgirl!" Witness her exasperated explanation of her unusual name: "I think my mom drove a Chevy and my dad liked Honda's." Or her revelry about the wonders of coffee, "or as I call it, Pentecostal whiskey." And of course, we laugh every time. We can't help it. It's not just what she says; her whole personality gives off outrageous humor. She's just one of those people who could make reading the phonebook hysterical.

But she doesn't lose sight of spreading the good news. Near the end, she continues to use her own experiences to instead explain how God's forgiveness is always big enough no matter what you do or how far away you go from Him. She ends the video with a vivid story about her mother helping some strangers by feeding them with what little food the family had. She talks about how her mother taught her true Christianity through what she did, not what she said. It's a very powerful moment.

This is a great family comedy video that anyone -- not just the women for whom it's intended -- can easily enjoy. Plus, there's even some moral redeeming value. That's comedy with a conscience. What a concept.

Cover courtesy of Word Records.

By Robin Parrish