A Prayer That Moves Heaven by Ron Mehl

Jan 27, 2003 08:45 AM EST

The simple truths acknowledged in Ron Mehl's A Prayer That Moves Heaven are at once obvious yet profound. Rather than point to a specific formulaic prayer that works, Mehl describes the kind of life that God finds honorable and pleasing, and that He responds to.

The book is centered around a passage from scripture in II Chronicles 20, in which King Jehoshaphat and his kingdom are about to be attacked by enemies that greatly outnumber them. In the passage, the king, who was already living his life according to God's will, humbly went to the Lord and sought His help. The king willingly acknowledged that he and his people were powerless to stop this threat on their own, but they cried out with great subservience and humility for God to save them, because they knew Him to be capable of anything. And then... they started to praise the Lord. Before the battle was won.

It's not so much a magical combination of words or things to pray for as it is a lifestyle. Always looking at life from God's perspective, always staying on guard -- prepared for the enemy (or in our case, the great enemy himself, Satan) to strike, and always, always remembering that God alone is in control of this universe, and we are utterly powerless in every possible way, when we come before Him. The book's subtitle is "comfort and hope for life's most difficult moments," and it certainly offers plenty of it.

Mehl makes his points in an easy to read, conversational tone, that never gets bogged down in Christianese terminology or hard-to-understand concepts. He keeps it simple, which makes for an enjoyable, hard-to-put-down experience.

The nuggets of truth offered in A Prayer That Moves Heaven are more numerous than can be described in this space. This book is obviously another "little book" being marketed towards the Prayer of Jabez crowd, and could be described as "light reading," just as Jabez is. But the powerful truths contained in this book, if applied to your life on a daily basis, can do nothing short of revolutionizing your entire existence. This is one I'll definitely be going back to on more than one occasion.

Book cover courtesy of Multnomah Publishing.

By Robin Parrish