Crystal Lewis: Holy Holy Holy

Nov 12, 2002 03:00 AM EST

Commonly referred to as "the best pure vocal instruments of all popular music," Crystal Lewis speaks of her new album, "Holy Holy Holy."

"We go to a contemporary church and don't sing the old songs much. But when I returned to them, I found that they had endured for me. Songs like There is a Fountain and Great is Thy Faithfulness or even Keith Green's I Want to be More Like Jesus just take me to a whole other place, a place where modern worship songs-songs that I love-rarely take me."

Holy Holy Holy, a collection of worshipful Hymns demonstrates Crystal's commitment to becoming one of the industry's greatest singer and servant. Along with innovative producer Jyro Xhan (Mortal, Fold Zandura), Crystal has crafted gracious, unobtrusive arrangements that while flirting with jungle, triphop and trance beats that are thoroughly modern-even hip-the sound of the disc remains intentionally understated, respectful of the songs' storied histories. This album resonates a subtle, even gentle feel that, according to CCM magazine, is fit for both a mother and a nephew.

"Maybe it's a function of getting older," says Crystal, "but since turning 30 a few years ago I find myself having less and less to prove. I just don't have the energy to try to impress anymore. And so I've made a commitment to just serve the songs, which in the case of this project, is an immensely humbling, even daunting task. There was no need for anything artificial, anything manipulative. Because these songs are strong, I was able to be weak before them. And so even my recording of the record became a lesson in the power of the Gospel."

The album includes songs from a variety of genres, including techno, pop, gospel, and live band.

"When it's all said and done, the record represents me well. The songs are part of the history that has made me and the hope for the future that we all share in Christ. It represents, without any ambivalence at all, the most whole record of my career."

By Pauline J.
[email protected]