Randy Stonehill at the "Edge of the World"

Nov 14, 2002 03:00 AM EST

Randy Stonehill is back with a new album of original songs, his first since the acclaimed release of "Thirst," in 1998. Stonehill, credited with blazing the trails of Christian artists, was at his 70s debut, was considered too Christian for the mainstream, and too Rock and Roll the Church. Three decades later, Stonehill launches "Edge of the Wall, " one of his strongest records yet.

Produced by Stonehill and Bob Kilpatrick, Edge Of The World simultaneously pays tribute to his early days in the Jesus Music Movement, while serving as a strong reminder of his continuing role as one of the most important artists in the business. With an unprecedented number of key collaborations, the credits read as a veritable who's who of Christian music: Phil Keaggy, Barry McGuire, Love Song, Annie Herring (Second Chapter Of Acts), Noel Paul Stookey, (Peter, Paul and Mary), Larry Norman, Michael Roe (77s, Lost Dogs), Russ Taff and Sara Groves are listed alongside the ubiquitous multi-instrumentalist Phil Madeira.

The charm of Edge of the World lies in it's simplistic lay out. Every track, over-dub and embellishment exists solely to enhance the song, the voice and the guitar.

Stonehill explains, "People have asked me for years if I had a record that was more akin to my live shows: more acoustic based and intimate. I always had to answer, well, uh not really."

Stonehill's eloquence, thoughtfulness and compassion is released in making "Edge Of The World," making it one of the high-points of his career.

By Pauline J.
[email protected]