All Right Here

Nov 25, 2002 03:00 AM EST

The writer of her press release puts it best. Sara Groves is "a preacher whose pulpit is a piano bench." Sara Groves' sophomore release, "All Right Here" touched my heart in places few sermons have.

Musically, the style of this music is alternative folk with a little bit of country thrown in. I would compare her musical style to that of Allison Kraus or James Taylor. In the Christian market, her style compares to that of Ginny Owens and Michael Card. Not only her sweet melodic voice and memorable tunes, but also some incredible guitar, piano and string parts make this album a musical masterpiece.

Lyrically, this music is as deep as it gets. The title song, All Right Here is an anthem to the things in life that make us what we are. She sings of her deep love for her husband in Fly. And, the song, You Cannot Lose My Love will bring any mother to tears. My favorite song on this CD is the very last track-- a song of worship called, Jesus, You're Beautiful.

Music is a lot like a pair of shoes. Some music is not so comfortable, but ever so cutting edge. Some songs are just for fun. Other music fits your style, but just doesn't match your mood. If this CD were a pair of shoes, it would be that favorite pair of cozy slippers that cuddles you in sweet comfort.

By Sara Groves