Five Iron Frenzy Announces Plans to Disband in 2003

Dec 17, 2002 09:47 AM EST

In a message sent out to their fans, the members of Five Iron Frenzy announced today plans to disband in 2003, after what will have been seven years together. The detailed message indicated that the band will cease to exist by the end of 2003, and that the decision was made after much prayer and discussion. The band members cited as their primary reason for the break-up, "the Lord has called us on to other things."

Five Iron Frenzy is planning to make the most of their last year together, though. In an atypical move, they plan to utilize the entire year to give the band a proper send-off. On April 22, they plan to release a B-sides and "funny song" album titled Cheeses of Nazareth through 5 Minute Walk Records. Next, they plan to release their final studio recording in mid-June, which will only be available at the band's concerts; the disc will arrive in stores much later, sometime in 2004.

Tour plans include appearances at most of the major Christian music festivals throughout the summer, a special apperance at the 20th annual Cornerstone Festival in Illinois on July 4, and a farewell tour running from September through November, which will culminate in a final show in Denver, Colorado.

By Robin Parrish