Shannon Cutts

Mar 06, 2003 11:14 AM EST

It's obvious from minute one of listening to Modern Day Eve that Shannon Cutts is evidence of a transformed life. From the age of eleven, Cutts suffered from anorexia and bulimia, but was eventually delivered from the diseases through embracing her musical talents, which she used to express her struggles and her love for God.

The twelve light pop/rock tracks on Modern Day Eve testify to her deliverance, all written by Cutts herself and telling various pieces of her life story. The story culminates in her surrender to God on "Hold Me Teach Me," which recites the words to her prayer: "Hold me / teach me / heal me / lead me / I am Yours".

Producer Michael D. Thompson (who also co-wrote much of the music) keeps things very organic, utilizing mostly live instruments like guitars and keys, but he's not so rigid about it that drum loops and other electronic elements aren't unwelcome. For her part, Cutts contributes self-assured vocals that nonetheless carry an element of vulnerability and emotion.

The fact that Cutts has been doing this since she was a child is easily apparent, in the maturity and strength of her songwriting and performances.

By Robert Parrish