Chinese Mission Conference: Following Great Commission

2004 Chinese Mission Conference Held at Philadelphia Radisson Valley Forge Convention Center, December 26-30
( [email protected] ) Dec 12, 2004 03:58 AM EST

The Chinese Mission Conference of 2004 will be held in Philadelphia’s Radisson Valley Forge Convention Center in December 26-30. This conference is hosted by Ambassadors for Christ, Inc. The Ambassadors for Christ is an organization working to spread the gospel to Chinese intellectual circles. The Chinese Mission Conference held, once every 3 years, will approach its 40th anniversary this year.

The theme of the conference this year will be “Mission Commission.” The conference is a great opportunity to communicate and encourage Chinese and non-Chinese Christians everywhere in order to let them participate and to fulfill the commission of Jesus Christ.

In order to let members know and experience what going out on missions is like, we opened a “co-working shepherding team” to let them have a chance to communicate and encourage each other. In the youth team, we will arrange the youth to visit Philadelphia so that he or she can know more about each community’s mission in the society. In the children team, we will use the lecture of Ephesus chapter 6 and the famous classic, “The Holy War,” to teach them how to help themselves in learning how to be a servant of Christ.

Speaking of the necessities of Chinese Mission Conference, the Christian Representative Association states several things:

-Chinese Mission Conference will provide those who attended to clearly and precisely understand the great commission from God, and know how to follow it.

-Chinese Mission Conference challenges every individual from each generation and culture, using their different background to participate in global missions.

-Chinese Mission Conference organizes churches that are having difficulty in financial support, focusing on different righteousness and proclaiming and providing generous donations.

-Chinese Mission Conference becoming the bridge for Christians and Church bodies and Ministries.

-Develop cooperation and spirit of rejoicing, to develop regional church’s expansion ability after the conference, pushing forward leadership training and interactions among cultures.

-Chinese Mission Conference plays a very important role in helping Asian American mission organizations in search for the proper directions.

Since 1983, Chinese Mission Conference has been held once every three years. Hoping that through this mission conference, Chinese Christians can become the soldiers of the kingdom of God. Within the past 21 years, the number of conference attendants has developed from just 30 people to over 2000 people. The number of attendants who has received much encouragement over the years has totaled well over 8,000 brothers and sisters worldwide.