McKeehan wants to lead people toward God

Jun 10, 2003 12:10 PM EDT

Toby McKeehan, a member of dc talk wants to influence culture which can move people toward God. He's been helping the Christian music industry which surpasses racial and cutural diversity.

During interviewing with Charisma magazine, he introduced himself and said that he wants to impact the Christian industry and improve it to the next level. "I want to be an artist that people are moved toward God by my artistic results."

McKeenhan is a co-founder of Gotee Records, the Nashville, Tenn. based label which has contributed to the Christian music industry by finding talented artists, Out of Eden, Jennifer Knapp, the original Jeff Deyo led SonicFlood.

"When Gotee was first settled, there was a group of three young black sisters called Out of Eden. At that time there were a lot of similar groups in the mainstream like TLC, SWV, Jade and etc. But Labels wanted to catagorize it as a gospel group or didn't know what to do. So we decided to start a new label. That was Gotee."

Gotee is now in 8th year. Until now it has grown and has fronted 3 million selling artists, won 7 Dove Awards, 2 Billboard Music Video Awards, 2 Grammy nominations.

By Young Sun Lee
[email protected]