Rock 'n' Roll Worship Circus Set to Release Sophomore Project in August

( [email protected] ) Jul 06, 2003 01:56 PM EDT

INO Records announces the Rock ‘N’ Roll Worship Circus’ sophomore release, A Beautiful Glow, set to hit shelves August 26, 2003. The project will release to both the CBA and general markets respectively.

Instilling their latest project with the intensity of rock n’ roll mixed with praise, the Worship Circus has created a work that is compelling, moving, joyful and expressive. Following up their highly acclaimed first label effort, Welcome To The Rock ‘N’ Roll Worship Circus, the four-piece band – Gabriel Wilson, Blurr, Eric "The E" Lemiere and Zurn P. Praxair - return with a passion for rock worship expressed in abandoned desire for Christ with a musical progression generated from their Northwest roots.

A Beautiful Glow, produced by Wilson, the Worship Circus’ lead vocalist, guitarist and primary songwriter, features ten songs of praise and adoration, including the title hit and first single, "A Beautiful Glow," re-mixed by Chris Lord-Alge and releasing to Rock and CHR radio July 11th. The song features such lyrics as "So come on, come on and open me/There’s a beautiful glow for you to see/Livin’ in a heart made for me/To shine for You/to shine through me."

Wilson explains, "‘A Beautiful Glow’ is a prayer to God to open us up so that the light of Christ is seen in us. It’s really the center of the record. When we sing the words, it sums up everything we’re about. That’s what we want as a band, that’s what we want for this record, that’s what we want for our hearts, our lives, everything. One of the reasons we wrote ‘A Beautiful Glow’ was to keep us focused and on track through the rest of the recording process."

Renowned for their stage presence and strong work ethic, the members of the Worship Circus are also notorious for their relentless touring. The band has extensively performed in the U.S., Canada and internationally over the last seven years, and they are ready to start performing songs from A Beautiful Glow this summer and fall at all the major national festivals.


To coincide with the album launch, the band will kick off a major contest at the summer festivals through their website, and also through Festival-goers are invited to decorate Worship Circus banners and t-shirts and promote them at the concerts. Prizes will be awarded to the fans with the most outrageous, clever and artistic banners and t-shirt designs. In addition, one of the designed t-shirts may become a new band tour shirt to sell on the road. All banner and t-shirt winners will receive a three-song Worship Circus CD and have their picture taken with band, to be posted on the band’s website.


A west coast promotional tour is currently being planned to promote A Beautiful Glow. In August, the band is scheduled to visit and perform in such key cities as Portland, Seattle, Sacramento, Vancouver, WA, Spokane, among others.


An aggressive internet promotion with free downloads is being offered on To date, confirmed online pre-sale partners are,,, and grassrootsmusic. Through this extensive web campaign, which started June 26th, by pre-ordering A Beautiful Glow, Worship Circus fans will receive an advanced 3-song CD, then on street date they will get the entire project which will be specially autographed by the band. To notify fans and music buyers alike of this promotion, email blasts will go out to over one million people through the band’s own site, as well as through INO Records and


This fall, the Worship Circus will embark on their first headlining tour, "A Beautiful Glow Tour," hitting over 30 cities. Crowne Music Group’s Seventh Day Slumber and Flicker Records’ Stereo Motion are scheduled as the opening bands. Dates will be announced shortly.

Also, details of an exciting and evolving value added feature to the Worship Circus’ new INO release will be revealed at this year’s CBA Convention in Orlando, Florida. More information to follow.

Wilson sums up what this new project means to the band. "When you strip all the music business part of it away, it’s really all about God and us anyway. From the beginning, the Worship Circus has been about reaching the heart of God by the expression of our hearts in worship. We live for those moments when everything around us just falls away and we know we’re singing directly to God. But our calling isn’t just to go there ourselves, it’s to bring other people there with us."