World AIDS Day: To Donate and Pray for AIDS People

The World Mission Community working to raise public awareness and support for AIDS victims worldwide
( [email protected] ) Dec 12, 2004 05:25 AM EST

December 1 is the World AIDS Day. During this day, government officials and citizens alike come together to raise awareness for the growing AIDS epidemic. The World Mission Community in Hong Kong claims people should pay considerable attention to the AIDS epidemic and offer helping hands and sympathy to people dying from AIDS.

A World Mission Community spokesman stated, “Not only does AIDS kills a person every 10 minutes, but orphans a child every 14 minutes.” According to research, more children lose their parents to AIDS than to any single cause of death in the world today. In other words, just one child somewhere in the world has become an orphan in the time it takes to read this single sentence.

The World Mission Community has close monitored the plight of kids suffering from the devastation of the AIDS epidemic since 1991. Currently, The World Mission Organization are working towards easing the AIDs epidemic in Kenya, South Africa, Mozambique, Tanzania, China, India, Thailand, Cambodia, and other AIDs-infected countries.

Moreover, they have offered a program offering services to children and households. The services include tests for people in the high-risk category, visiting patients periodically, and providing medical care system to help the most desire people. A group of volunteers have offered their time to counsel with AIDs patients to help ease their mental burden and try to instill in them a sense of hope. Also, the organization seeks to help children to build up abilities so that they can fend for themselves. For example, volunteers will train the children to raise fowls and bees, or repair bicycles. They will also provide daily necessities to those children including healthy food, clean water, and education. World Mission Community offers many lectures and flyers to help those interested in offering a helping hand. .

There are approximately 15 million orphans in the world today. This number will more likely increase to 25 million by 2010 as AIDs continues to claim lives. In response, the World Mission Community urges people everywhere to give their time and support to children affected by AIDs in the form of donations or volunteer work. Please pray for these desperate orphans. God will help and comfort them. In their suffering, they will come closer to God. Pray for the staff of the World Mission Community so that God will give them wisdoms in their respective field of ministry. Moreover, pray that God can work through government officials so that they will more willingly to open their hearts and towards resolving the AIDS crisis.