Recent Radio Single Featured in Reality TV Show With Model Tyra Banks

( [email protected] ) Jul 06, 2003 01:56 PM EDT

One of the most sought after new rock bands, Sparrow Records’ Sanctus Real recently recorded a 5-song bonus CD entitled SVERIGEEP, which means “Swedish EP.” Fans can obtain the limited edition CD free with purchase of the band’s critically acclaimed debut, Say It Loud, at retail outlets nationally beginning Aug. 19.

Featuring live acoustic studio versions of the current R & R and PDAdvisor Top 10 CHR single “Hey Wait” and the hit Rock single, title track and video “Say It Loud,” SVERIGEEP also includes a unique Joy Electric remix of the song “Inspiration” from the band’s debut. The Sanctus Real bonus CD further boasts two songs available nowhere else, “Other Side” and “Craving,” from the band’s independent release, Nothing To Lose, which is out of print.

In addition to being featured on SVERIGEEP, the Say It Loud version of the song “Hey Wait” also recently appeared on an episode of UPN’s America’s Next Top Model. Supermodel Tyra Banks is creator and executive producer of the program, which airs Tuesdays at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT. More information on the program may be found at

Besides TV and retail exposure, Sanctus Real has become well known for its captivating live performances. Over the last year, the band has performed before hundreds-of-thousands of music fans at its own concerts, as well as at the multi-artist Festival Con Dios and 50-city See Spot Rock tours. Continuing to bring the music and the message to the fans, Sanctus Real will perform at numerous festivals this summer. Its itinerary includes Creation East (Shirleyburg, PA, 6/27), Lifest (Oshkosh, WI, 7/11), Sonshine Festival (Willmar, MN, July 12), Creation West (George, WA 7/24), Spirit West Coast (Monterey, CA 7/26), Kingdom Bound (Darien Lake, NY, 8/6), Cornerstone (Elon, NC, 8/8), Illinois State Fair (Springfield, IL, 8/17) and many more.