A September Release for Carman titled The House of Praise

( [email protected] ) Sep 12, 2003 05:07 PM EDT

Carman, recently signed to Cross Driven Records, is planning to return with a new record label and CD. Titled The House of Praise, it is set to release on September 9 of this year.

On the House of Praise, Carman includes everything from serious worship songs to the soul-stirring anthems that he is acclaimed for. From the r&b-style title track "House of Praise" to the heart-felt tribute to September 11 "Red, White & Blue", Carman returns with music style that has touched people all around the world.

In this album, producer Joe Hogue (DC Talk) skillfully captures the energy of live concert while still maintaining the quality of studio recording. By recording a live audience, he brings the live atmosphere into the studio. This creates the excitement and interaction of a live concert without the unwanted noise that comes in a live project.

Also included in specially marked copies of the House of Praise CD will be a DVD. In the DVD, there features two live performances, three split-tracks, and visuals suitable for use in worship services.

With this new release, Carman is expected to carry on this momentum with a multi-city tour, which will start in September 18, as well as a two-hour Halloween special on October 31. This will culminate with the release of a full-length DVD on November 4.