Motivo Slated to Release Album

( [email protected] ) Oct 26, 2003 10:47 PM EST

With a touch of American and Latin pop, Motivo’s newest album will be released Oct. 28. This album will be the first one to be released nationwide by Motivo through Crowne Music/ WEA Distribution.

Motivo, formerly known as 180, sings of classic themes such as hope and love in their new album, with a motive of helping the listener through the music.

“Since Motivo started playing together seven years ago, we have made it a huge point to keep why we are making music front and center in our minds. We never want our motives to be different than what they were in the beginning – and that is to make cool music that provides a life-changing message. When we had to change our name a year ago, we kept coming back to Motivo, because our name will keep us accountable,” says vocalist and rhythm guitar player Jorge Valdez. “We want to make music that can impact your life.”

On the album, the band also gave credit to: Tommy Simms (Bruce Springstein), Buster and Shavoni (Destiny’s Child), Kiko Cibrian (Luis Miguel), and Javier Solis (Jaci Velasquez) among others.

“The album has really come together, and how could it not with the amazing talent that worked with us! I think that it has a great cross-section of styles that really define who we are musically. There is a little R&B in there, a little pop and definitely some Latin. It’s definitely turning out to be more than we ever imagined,” Valdez explains. “We feel so blessed, and already have achieved so much with this project already.”

Motivo was formed initially with Jorge Valdez and Isaac Dominguez. The two had met each other in El Paso and reunited in San Diego where Isaac gave Jorge a position to lead worship at a youth event. Now, two have become eight, changing people’s lives with a Christian touch in the music.

“People need the transforming love of God,” says Valdez. “[There was] a young married couple that approached me before a show and said how they were separated and how God used a song that we sing to help restore their marriage. That is what keeps us doing what we're doing!”

Preview Tracks from Motivo

1. South Of The Border

2. Strength

3. Fool For Your Love

4. Brand New Start

5. Higher Love

6. That Way

7. Keep The Change

8. Angel

9. Contemplate

10. Por Siempre

11. Cambio

12. Este Es El Moment