Veggie Tales DVD: <I> The Ballad of Little Joe</I>

( [email protected] ) Oct 27, 2003 08:05 AM EST

Veggie Tales has never been a disappointment in the past, and The Ballad of Little Joe is no different. Starring the well-known character Larry the Cucumber as Little Joe, The Ballad of Little Joe retells the Biblical story of Joseph in a creative and fun-filled plotline, ideal for children audiences, teaching them the principles of faith in a manner easy to understand. The story is set in the Wild Wild West showing that the message given in the Bible surpasses time and geographic space and can be applied anytime, anywhere. Even adults can learn relate to the hardships presented through the parallel lives of Joseph and character Little Joe. The temptation of Potipher’s wife in Genesis is retold in the film as Little Joe is set up and betrayed by Madame Blueberry while he is working in a saloon. By persisting in his faith, Joseph later becomes the high official of Pharaoh while Little Joe later is put in charge of the western town.

The familiar segment Silly Songs With Larry in other Veggie Tales production is also featured in this DVD. In this segment, the veggies parody *Nsync as they sing as a band group called Boyz In The Sink. The DVD also contains many fun activities such as an art gallery and karaoke section. From beginning till the end, The Ballad of Little Joe is definitely a must-see.

DVD Features

· Audio Commentary - Watch with creators Phil Vischer and Mike Nawrocki

· Behind the Scenes - Featurette on the creation of Little Joe

· Art Gallery - View concept art from the production

· How to Draw - Learn to draw Little Joe and Mr. McPotiphar!

· Progression Reel - Check out a scene from the final show alongside early concept sketches

· Trivia - Challenge your brain with trivia questions from the show

· Tummy Ache Dreams - Choose Jude's dinner, and the dreams he has!

· Interactive Storybook - Read along story "Bob Lends a Helping Hand"

· Karaoke - Sing along to songs from the show!

· Family Fun Activity - Play "Minefield" with your family!

· DVD-ROM Fun - Use your DVD-ROM drive to find coloring pages, the script from the show, and links to Big Idea's Web sites

· Previews - See what's coming soon from Big Idea, including sneak peeks at An Easter Carol and A Snoodle's Tale!

· Hidden Easter Eggs - More hidden goodies for persistent hunters

· 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround - For the ultimate VeggieTales sound experience!