( [email protected] ) Oct 27, 2003 10:18 AM EST

1. How did you get started as an artist?

All three of us have been singing and been around music for as long as we can remember. We met through three years ago through our management, the record label, and mutual friends. We instantly felt a strong connection and started writing and singing together.

2. How did you get signed to a label originally?

We were so fortunate because our record label believed in the concept of our group from the beginning. They were behind us 100%. Our manager has a wonderful relationship with them, so the group was something that the label and management were already excited about.

3. What has God been teaching you lately?

God has been teaching me a lot about patience. There are certain situations in my life right now that I wish would progress a little faster than they are. Sometimes it can be very difficult to do things in God's timing. Bottom line - I know it all goes back to how much faith and trust I'm putting in God. I'm learning to trust Him enough to know when certain things should happen. It sure does take the pressure off of me when I realize it's out of my hands and in God's. Trust a wonderful thing.-Chrissy Psa. 9:10 - Those who know your name will trust in you, for you, LORD, have never forsaken those who seek you.

4. Why is it important to share the love of Christ through music?

Music is a powerful way to connect with people and is a great tool to use when sharing the gospel. Music can reach to the deepest part of someone's mind and comfort the spirit. When used to share the love of Christ, music softens the heart for the message of the song.

5. Describe one or two of your songs and how they came about.

Life To Me- We knew from the beginning of writing this album that we wanted to include more vertical worship. One day, our producers played us a piece of music they were working on and we immediately connected with it. We knew that we wanted it to be a part of our album. We went home that night to pray about what the song

should be about. Later we got together again and wrote the song, Life to me. The song came very quickly. We found that we had come up with similar concepts and lyrical ideas for the song which made it very easy to write. Life to Me is truly our hearts cry. -Chrissy

Different Kind of Free- Different Kind of Free is the title track for our album. This song has had a huge impact on us individually and we're hoping it will do the same for others.

As Americans we've become so accustomed to freedoms from speech to religion and expression. Most people work their whole lives to achieve the "American Dream," and I believe we are very blessed to have that liberty. But, the fact is that in life you just don't always know. No one is even guaranteed tomorrow, and the very principles that our country was founded on-life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness-could all be taken away in an instant. This song speaks of a freedom that cannot be taken away; a freedom that is offered by no one but Jesus Christ. In the end, when all we've worked for and held on to is gone, He is the lasting truth. The freedom He spoke so eloquently of, fought for, and died bringing us is eternal. -Kristin

6. How has your music changed as an artist over the years -- musically, and lyrically?

When we recorded our first album, we had only met weeks before that. We were all so different stylistically, but ultimately the first album was very pop/dance oriented. The more time we spent out the road together on stage, the more we developed the sound began evolving. The second album introduced a lot more of an R&B feel along with the pop sound. After meeting and talking to a lot of the fans that came to see the shows, we saw the need to deal with more issues on this album as well. We're now on our third album which has less programming and more organic elements. After 3 years of touring, we really wanted to focus on doing songs that would work well in a live setting and ultimately lead up to a time where God¹s presence can come and move upon people's hearts. We feel like this album is the perfect blend of all three of our musical styles.

We continue talking about some serious issues while incorporating some worship as well. We have never been more excited about an album.

7. What are some of your all-time favorite records? Favs from this year?

Alisa: favs from this year - Switchfoot "the beautiful letdown"

Kristin: all-time favs Cindy Morgan "Listen," Vince Guaraldi "Charlie Brown Christmas" / favs from this year Alison Krauss and Union Sation "New Favorite"

8. Are you playing at Sonshine this year? If so, see you there!

Yes we are playing at Sonshine. We can't wait!

9. What are some other fun trivia facts about you/the band?

*Zoe is a Greek word from the new testament of the bible and it means "life". *When looking for a third member, Kristin found out about Chrissy from a man who holds the record for assembling the largest kazoo band in history. *Alisa's father is one the pioneers of contemporary Christian music-Chuck Girard.