Bleach Releases Astronomy: The Legacy of a Hero

( [email protected] ) Oct 28, 2003 10:01 AM EST

The new release of Astronomy: The Legacy of a Hero on Oct. 21 has come to mean more than Bleach would have anticipated before they began writing the songs. The new album sings of hope and encouragement, to keep on going even when life gets you down. Although all the themes in the songs were written and sung with a sincere heart, they really hit home after the band members Milam and Byers learned of the death of their brother, Captain Josh Byers, who died in action a few months later in the Iraq war.

“I believe we were truly focused when praying for our inspiration in the studio,” explains Jared Byers. “It’s amazing to listen to the record. It’s better than if we had already found out about Josh. The record holds our feelings in such a personal way. Before, while the songs were good, we still didn’t understand their meaning. Now it’s impossible to miss the meaning. It’s impossible to not see God’s hand in all of it.”

Songs such as “Get up” and “Plan to Pull Through” shine light onto the sufferings along the Christian path. “Tired Heart” is especially unique because it was written based on the struggles Captain Byers faced while leading his men in the Middle East.

Showing the same heart of pushing forward as prevalent throughout the songs, lead vocalist Davy Baysinger says, “We always want to be evolving. We don’t want to make the same record over and over again."

Astronomy Album Tracks

1. Get Up

2. December

3. Plan To Pull Through

4. Jaded Now

5. Astronomy

6. Living

7. Nineteen

8. Patience

9. Breakthrough

10. Tired Heart

11. Moving On