The Holy Way

Achieving the life of peace, tranquility and serenity
( [email protected] ) Nov 04, 2003 09:23 AM EST

For anyone who desired clarity within the accelerated blur of modern life, “the Holy Way” will provide the full spectrum of steps needed to achieve the tranquility, harmony and serenity of a Simple life.

Drawing upon the traditional teachings of the gospel, Paula Houston leads the reader into the enchanting worlds of solitude, contemplation and reformation. In each chapter, Houston binds together the accounts of past saints and fathers with her own life stories, allowing the reader to share in the most intimate and sacred experiences in her journey for holiness.

Why do I feel the need for a time away from my environment, my friends, my job and even my family? Do I live a life blind to the spiritual longings of my soul? How do I change and suppress my desires for sin? Would I ever be able to open myself and let go of the stubborn beliefs I’ve branded in my mind?

Such questions are answered and tackled one by one in this remarkable piece of literature that is reminiscent of the classic “Confessions of St. Augustine.”

“The Holy Way,” if read as a guidebook for spirituality, will provide a deeper understanding of the self, the soul and the spirit of God, for any audience.