Tait: Lose This Life

( [email protected] ) Nov 07, 2003 04:12 PM EST

Tait takes off on a new dimension with his new album, Lose This Life, which shows signs of maturity compared to his last solo debut Empty and a style we can associate with his years with dc Talk.

In this album, Tait explores new musical terrains with dc Talk producer Mark Heimermann. Each song takes life with its own personality and there is even a Christmas song at the end of the album.

“Numb” is a rock song where Pillar's Rob Beckley raps. It sounds a little awkward but becomes catchy after each listen. The next track jumps onto some upbeat pop with a cover of Eddie Grant’s “Electric Avenue.” “Fallen” is a slow ballad in which Tait honors his sister’s memory by singing of her falling in love with Jesus. “Heartache” can easliy pass for a classic song to listen to when in need of a shoulder to lean on in painful times.

I’m impressed at his artistic growth and ability to deliver fresh material for this album. With the hype from his role as Jesus in !Hero, which is a rock musical, I highly recommend this album to allow the listener to gain a greater appreciation of his work.