The Insyderz: Soundtrack to a Revolution

( [email protected] ) Nov 11, 2003 11:11 AM EST

The Insyderz makes a ripple if not a splash with their new release Soundtrack to a Revolution after three years of taking time off to focus on family and local ministries.

The record shows the band’s talent to produce an array of diverse soundtracks. “Soundtrack”, “Call To Arms”, and “Shoot Out” rock on to tunes similar to the band’s 1998 release Fight Of My Life. “Testimony”, “Chosen Few”, and “Better Half” are songs ska fans would enjoy. Other songs like “Seeing Voices” and “Another Sleepless Night” verge with punk music. The highlight of the CD is the emo-ska closing song “Shame On Me”.

The new release isn’t really new in terms of style but its high-energy lyrics and tunes are something to get you up and push you along.