Earthsuit releases new album

( [email protected] ) Nov 12, 2003 09:58 AM EST

After much begging and pleading by fans, Earthsuit has released one final album independently. Featuring 16 audio tracks comprised of new songs and live versions of old songs along with 7 video clips, this album will do more than satisfy fans left wanting more after the release of their debut Kaleidoscope Superior.

Keyboardist and vocalist, Paul Meany comments, "The purpose of this CD will be to commemorate everything we’ve grown to love about Earthsuit and show our gratitude to God and the fans through it. This CD is not about a band trying to blow up or go to the next level, but more about reflection and embracing the journey. There will be five new studio cuts and a load of bonus tracks including some live performances, practice recordings, B side demos from Kaleidoscope Superior, and some special video footage on the enhanced portion of the CD."

This new album, The Rise of Modern Simulation, will only be available online at their new website:

Audio Tracks,

1. 1-2-3

2. Bloodshot Fanatical

3. Foreign

4. Nightfall

5. Noise For Your Eyes

6. The Hard Drive

7. Against the Grain (Remix Live)

8. Hutch Buggin 1

9. ManMachine / Said the Sun

10. Millenium

11. This & That (Live featuring Playdough of Ill Harmonics)

12. Hutch Buggin 2

13. Once in a Lifetime

14. Gummy Buffalos

15. Hutch Buggin 3

16. Outro Medley

Video Clips

1. Emotionalizing(Live at Flevo 2001)

2. Salvation(Live at Parachute 2001)

3. Against the Grain(Live at Flevo 2001)

4. Wheel Intro(Live at Flevo 2001)

5. Offstage in Europe

6. Onstage in Europe

7. Revolt upon the Moon