Bride releases "This is it" CD

( [email protected] ) Nov 17, 2003 11:31 AM EST

The rock band Bride recently released the CD This is It. According to the band’s email update, "This CD was recorded in hopes to not only be a tool for the Lord to use for His glory but also to inject the name Bride back into the rock circles.”

Although the band’s CD has been receiving good reviews, hopes for a concert tour is yet to materialize for this self-recording and self-promoting band.

All the band members play an active role in promoting the band and keeping it operational. Dale, is the co-founder/vocalist and lyric writer of the band who also writes updates fans with emails. Dale’s brother Troy, maintains the band's news postings. Troy also serves as the band’s guitar player. Lawrence Bishop and Michael Loy, the band’s patient bassist and drummer also give strength to the band.

Experiencing high sales, the band has also requested fans to submit a review after listening to the “Head lookin' for a bullet” to aid toward the band’s plans to expand into bigger markets.

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