John Reuben: Professional Rapper

( [email protected] ) Dec 05, 2003 11:46 AM EST

Professional Rapper is what is says. In this third album, John Reuben takes on everything boldly from the lyrics to the production. Reuben self-produced the album and creatively wrote lyrics that will have his critics thinking twice. He doesn’t fear experimentation and exploration in his songs but one thing is sure: Reuben knows how to voice his opinions.

"I Haven't Been Myself" is where Reuben vents about depression and insecurities, featuring Adrienne Liesching. “Life is Short” gives listeners an contemplative mood to life and the meaning to life. The topic is nothing new but there can never bee too many songs about life. Adrienne Liesching also sings on "Freedom To Feel,” a song which examines the Christian faith in a rather cynic viewpoint.

Reuben has shown himself to mature as an artist since his debut album Are We There Yet? and this album is a good indicator of such progress.