Russ Lee Ministers in Iraq

( [email protected] ) Dec 16, 2003 11:46 AM EST

Christian Records artist Russ Lee just returned from Iraq where he spent 10 fruitful days ministering to troops in several cities, including Mosul and Tall Afar. Serving his talents through conducting prayer breakfasts and chapel services, Lee did more than what was asked of him after being invited by the chaplains of the 101st Airborne of Ft. Campbell. His presence made a difference for the troops’ faith.

"Russ' tremendous love for others came through his music and message in a powerful way that touched soldiers and encouraged them for the challenging work they're called to do in Iraq,” says Lt. Colonel Chester C. Egert, 101st Airborne Division Chaplain. “Everywhere he went in Mosul and Tall Afar the name of Jesus was lifted up and people were drawn to Christ. He left us with a deep desire to have more of Jesus Christ."

As Lee help to lift the spirits of those stationed in Iraq, he didn’t forget to extend his warmth to the chaplians of the 101st Airborne. He found himself being encouraged by chaplains who would remember God throughout their lifestyle in Iraq.

“The Army chaplains that I had a chance to minister alongside are my new heroes,” Lee comments. “They find themselves in all the dangerous places, shoulder to shoulder with the soldiers. They become their friends and encouragers. They walk the bases looking for opportunities to encourage the young mothers and fathers who are so far from home and family. They cry with the friends of the soldiers who die in action. They give God a voice in war rooms, mess tents, command centers, hospitals, battlefields, and chapel services.”

Blessed to have a co-worker, Lee worked alongside George King, President of The Butterfly Group and Christian Records, who shared with Lee his experience of traveling to over 25 countries for the USO as a recording artist. Lee appreciated King’s guidance during the trip. “It was really helpful to have my friend George with me,” Lee says. “George’s knowledge of the ropes of military touring put me at ease and allowed me to take my mind off of logistics, which helped me focus on the task at hand -- serving our brothers and sisters in Iraq.”

King comments, “I was glad to walk with Russ during this time of ministry. Going to Iraq was a life-changing experience. The vision of the sacrifice our troops are making will always be on my mind and heart. They need our support and prayers.”

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