Jamie Slocum Celebrates single hit

( [email protected] ) Dec 16, 2003 11:46 AM EST

“I Cannot Turn Away,” a single by Curb recording artist Jamie Slocum has consistently remained on three Inspirational charst this fall earning him a well-deserved celebration. "I Cannot Turn Away," which Slocum penned with Kyle Matthews, spent five consecutive weeks at #1 on R&R's Inspo Top 20 chart, was a #1 hit on Christian Radio Weekly's "Inspirational" chart for four consecutive weeks, and was the top single for three consecutive weeks on The PDAdvisor's PDA Top 20 Inspirational chart.

"I Cannot Turn Away," and Slocum's latest single, "By Your Side," are both featured on his Curb Records debut, My Heart Knows, which released in August.