Kids in the Way: Safe from Losing Fight

( [email protected] ) Jan 02, 2004 11:33 AM EST

The lyrics for Kids in the Way's Safe from the Losing Fight are as clever as the rock band's name, which holds a double meaning. The band's name could be taken for the idiomatic expression for kids interfering with an adult's work or kids who are following Jesus who is the only Way to salvation.

The first song on the recording really set the tone for the way the band wanted to present themselves. "This world it tells us what to do. It tells us who to be. They think their answers to this life will satisfy our needs. We are so different. We are another breed... There's nothing you can do or say, to make us go away."

My favorite would have to be "Hallelujah," a song heavily infused with rock that describes a situation where a Christian wants his friend to accept the grace of Christ. The album title also came from the lyrics in this particular song. "If it all came down tonight. Safe from the losing fight. Just know I only want to hear you say, 'Hallelujah, hallelujah. He's alive in me today.'"

I enjoy Pelsue's thick and cracked voice which gives each song that much more feeling and delivers a pent-up passion. A different vocal approach next time would be nice too in order to create more variety but the message the songs embody compensate for the vocal monotony.

The last song, "The End", really capture the heart God has for this world. It reminds me of the grace of Christ once again because even though we have rejected him, he still redeemed us from our sins and patiently waits for us to reciprocate the love. The lyrics describe the unconditional love of God. "You shut me off and turn your back on me/But I'll be waiting outside when you leave/All that I can say is what I've said a million times before/Those words will never change."

I'm sure Kids in the Way will evolve as most bands do. I'm personally not a rock listener but looking forward to their next project.