John Tesh Radio Hits Christian and Mainstream

( [email protected] ) Jan 09, 2004 01:29 PM EST

John Tesh joins Atlanta’s J93.3 with his new syndicated John Tesh Radio Show, marking the first Christian radio station joining the network of more than 60 stations. The show will air weeknights at 7PM EST.

"We are really excited about having John Tesh as apart of our lineup, commented J93.3 Program Director Jerry Williams. "He is very lifestyle oriented and he brings professionalism to the lineup. He is someone our listeners are already familiar with. With his intelligence for your life and the music we play at J93.3 I believe it will be a real winning combination."

The John Tesh Radio Show is an alternative of the adult radio show “Delilah.” Focusing on a family oriented show, Tesh tells audiences what to expect.

"One of our first goals when we launched the daily radio show was to connect with Christian stations across the county as well as with mainstream stations," Tesh says. "The partnership with J93.3 is the perfect first step for us in the Christian radio market. J93.3 is family focused and is known in the Atlanta market for its draw to women who are busy about their daily routines with children in tow. Women want to have their radios tuned to music and programming appropriate for them and for their children. We provide just that -- family friendly music and intelligence for the whole family. J93.3 is safe and fun for the family and so are we."

The radio show will feature lots of music from Christian artists and also help listeners tips to improve their relationships with others.

"This show is less about relationships and more about 'Here's the intelligence you need to make your relationship better‚ while also being music intensive," says Tesh.