Mammoth City Messengers to the Rescue!

( [email protected] ) Jan 12, 2004 11:52 AM EST

Fresh out of the oven from Forefront Records comes a series of comic books and albums based on the adventures of five kids who try to stop an evil billionaire from controlling the minds of Mammoth City’s youth. The first CD of the series, Mammoth City Messengers Volume 1, will hit markets on January 27, 2004, sending the message, “Be A Messenger. No Cape Required.”

Mammoth City Messengers, brainchild of Christian music veteran Matt Bronlewee and co-producer Jeremy Bose, is unique due to its market aim to ‘tweens’, children between the ages 6-12. That and its interactive website featuring links to a peak at the goods on the first of there albums that contain techno-pop songs that accompany the 15-episode radio series and comic book graphics.

"Since conceptualizing Mammoth City Messengers over two years ago, we've tried to push the boundaries of music and storytelling into new territories," says Bronlewee.

"We were fortunate to have found a partner in ForeFront Records - a team with the vision and courage to take on a project of this magnitude," added Bose.

The graphic arts collaboration list includes the talents of pencil artists Tom Bancroft and Rob Corley, ink artists Howard Shum and Rich Faber, color specialist Rob Schwager and lettering by Blambot.

"ForeFront has always strived to be an innovator in our industry. When the creators of the project brought us the idea, we recognized that it lived up to its name - Mammoth. We researched and found that the market for tweens is very under-served. In over a two and a half year process, we partnered with Matt and Jeremy to create this unique project that reaches students with the Gospel," said ForeFront Records Vice President of Artist Development, Mark Adkison.

The project’s radio series heard on Christian radio and the character voices are performed by tweens. Each week, listeners can tune into the secret passcode that allows special website access to previews of future radio episodes and comics as well as the album’s “song of the week”.

Mammoth City Messengers website: