Chinese Mission Site “Our Arab” Attracts Attention

'Our Arab' established for evangelizing in the Arab world.
( [email protected] ) Dec 31, 2004 07:32 AM EST

In the 21st Century, more and more people are trying to spread the gospel through Internet. A mission site geared toward the Arab world call itself “Our Arab” (, which is constructed by several Christians from Mainland China. It is now attracting more and more attention among the believers who are concerned about Arab missions, and even from people of Arab countries.

Founded on Jan 5, 2004, “Our Arab” is the only Mainland China website that focuses on the mission of the Arab world. It introduces the basic situation of the Arab countries, pays close attention on the situation of the Middle East and the developments of Arab missions, and gives prayer topics for visitors to pray for Arab.

The founder of “Our Arab” is a 31-year-old Chinese Christian. He simply refers to himself as “David” from a house church in Beijing. In October 2003, he left Beijing and arrived in Tibet to evangelize. As a TV journalist, he reported on the Iraq War, and interviewed the Iraqi Ambassador in China. Although the “Back to Jerusalem” movement started from the 1940s of the last century, it was not able to arouse the enthusiasm of Chinese churches to spread the gospel to the Arab world in large part due to the harsh Chinese propaganda show to form the environment at this time. Recently, as the situation of the Middle East and the whole world changes, the work of God in the Middle East and the Arab world is also revealed more and more clearly. More and more believers in China begin to feel the commission for the Arab countries. Under such a background, “Our Arab” was founded. David hopes that this site can be the herald of Arab mission that encourages more Chinese missionaries to go to Arab, expand the tent of God there.

Though the site is only run and maintained by several Christians, it has already received attention from the Chinese organizations and believers who carry the commission of evangelizing the Arab world. Currently, they are planning to add English and Arabic pages to the site, as more and more visitors are also coming from America, Europe, South East Asia and the Arab countries.