38th Parallel Plays with Kenyan Musicians

( [email protected] ) Jan 18, 2004 11:03 AM EST

38th PARALLEL recently shared their love of music and Christ with Kenyans during the Christmas holiday at Passion 2003 conference held at The Carnivore Gardens in Nairobi, Kenya. The band was invited by Reakon KE, a Kenyan ministry organization.

Jeff Barton, bass player, was surprised when the band began playing at the concert because most people listening knew the lyrics.

"I was amazed to see so many audience members singing every word! Best though, was seeing first hand what it looks like when cultural barriers fall away and we gather as part of one body under one Banner, that of Jesus Christ."

38th PARALLEL played alongside an array of Kenyan bands including Bloodshed, a Kenyan rock group; LYF, a young-adult targeted song/dance worship group; and Milele, a Kenyan tribal/hip hop group that recently relocated to California.

The band tours in Story City, IA today.