Musical Trilogy Worships Jesus from Birth to Death

( [email protected] ) Jan 24, 2004 12:11 PM EST

The first installment of a musical trilogy, The Christ: A Trilogy, featuring artists such as Third Day, Jars of Clay, Sixpence None the Richer, and Paul Colman, will be released on March 9 presented by Essential Records.

Inspired by recent events such as 9/11 which have provoked people to ask the “meaning of life” question, The Christ is purposed to testify the sacrifice of Christ in a time when many people are turning to spirituality. Hollywood has recently been producing movies with themes about there being a higher spiritual power and that helps Christianity.

“It’s a natural and obvious parallel that people will make between our record and many of the movies coming out today that take a look at Christianity,” said Robert Beeson, Provident Label Group’s sr. vice president of A&R and executive producer for The Christ.

He added, “We’re not affiliated with any of them, but it is impossible to take away the impact that these films are going to have on our world, and this is our response to what we believe is going to be a move of God.” Previously recorded songs from City on Hill and other exclusive content will make up the project recounting Jesus’ birth, life, and passion (Latin term meaning suffering). The three themes are respectively contained in the following titles: “His Passion-Remembering the Sacrifice”, “His Birth-Celebrating His Coming”, and “His Life-Embracing the Truth”.

Steve Hindalong (City on a Hill), producer of The Christ, comments, “The Christ-centered songs from City on a Hill are really the heart of that series. It is extremely moving to single those cuts out and sequence them in such a way that creates a soundtrack to Christ’s life and death. We were also prompted to write original music for the trilogy, songs that we hope will impact listeners to live the spirit of worship set in motion by who Jesus is and what He did.”

The remainder of the trilogy is expected to release fall 2004 and spring 2005 with more original content.